Digital Marketing for Hotels & Resorts

Do you depend on Online Travel agents significantly for Bookings but dislike paying the huge commissions for it? We can drive bookings directly to your hotel website through digital marketing on Google, Bing and meta Search engines such as Google Hotel Ads, Trivago, Tripadvisor, Kayak and Bing.


We understand that during this COVID-19 induced business crisis, hotels are unwilling to risk ad spends. Which is why we will get bookings for you on a commission-per-stay basis. Absolutely risk-free.

What OTAs do

OTAs generate a large part of their sales through inventory on Google and meta search engines

What We do

We generate apt traffic directly to your site from Google, Trip Advisor, Trivago, Kayak and Bing

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Top Reasons Why Hotels Love Direct Bookings

Websites Nurture Brand Loyalty

Guests who directly visit your website to book are more likely to remember and return.

Get access to customer data

For bookings that come through OTAs, you do not own any of your customer data. You only have access to the booking details.

Key Metrics & Insights

Bookings managed by you bring a wealth of other metrics & insights that will aid you in optimizing your marketing efforts.

Remarketing Opportunities

Guests who book through OTAs cannot be added to the website's audience lists.