153% Increase in RoAS

The accounts grew from spending just a few thousand pounds to a 2 million GBP spend within a year.

Essentra, a FTSE 250 Company

A global market leader in plastic components, Essentra operates in 29 countries across 4 continents.

Essentra runs 15 manufacturing facilities and 25 sales & distribution centers that provides products such as plastic caps, plugs etc to more than 82,000 customers in the equipment manufacturing, automotive, fabrication, electronics and construction sectors.

The Challenge

Essentra’s ecommerce was not growing at the rate they wanted and they wanted a new agency to turbo-charge their ecommerce sales and leads via Google Ads, Google Shopping and Bing Ads. They also wanted a comprehensive tracking and attribution system in place to justify the ad spends.

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Revenue Generated
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Spends Handled
Ad Accounts

Modus Operandi

Built and scaled a complex Paid Search program integrating multiple brands, languages, site relaunches, offline tracking, attribution analyses reporting systems.



We used a bid optimization technique that we believe is unique (not seen elsewhere on the internet). We deployed our analysis technique for long standing accounts (5+ yrs data) by which we find and determine the optimal inflection points for bids.

Take control

Unique Tactics

We believe de-automating an account and manually recognizing patterns of bid and budget allocations and apportionment. We  manually manage bids for a long time prior to semi-automating it.


Team Work

We worked closely with the client. Marketing managers from different countries reported to us half a day each month for keywords and ad translation work. To improve quality of such outputs we ran multiple workshops on specific SEM topics for these marketing resources at the client’s end. We worked closely with utmost transparency, like an extension of the client’s team.



We demonstrated an unflagging intensity of optimizing the accounts. We left no stone unturned and would work for a long time to mine few keywords that may garner just a few (quality) clicks annually. Our work was occasionally audited by external agencies for 6 years. We always came through with flying colours. 🙂



We took over the accounts of various brands (Moss Express, Skiffy, RichCo, Alliance, Abric, Ulinco Components, Micro Plastics) that Essentra had acquired inorganically. In each instance we bettered the RoAS of the previous agency.

The Results

We beat targets for 6 years in both the European and APAC regions. The immediate impact was much more than the client had anticipated – the accounts grew from spending just a few thousand pounds to a 2 million GBP spend within a year. Multiple brands and locations were regularly added to the campaign.

Project Duration
6 Years
Increased by 95%
Increased by 183%
Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
Increased by 153%